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About Us

WE create, YOU play

WeersProductions is officially created in 2016. Although the company wasn't officially registered yet some apps were already created. These apps were made by the CEO of WeersProductions, Floris Weers. His first app was Chain Calculator, he made it when he was 15 years old. He learned the basics of coding in Game Maker, Minecraft mods and just trying things out.

When he finished the calculator he wanted to make a game instead of a regular app. Pellet Adventure was born. It was a bigger project, but he loved working on it. After Pellet Adventure the game Line Runner was made, again a game for mobile. Floris Weers still enjoyed creating games, but wanted an even bigger project. He wanted to create a game for PC. During vacation in Paris Floris Weers and his sister, Charlotte Weers who was 14, came up with the game Rule Your School. This was in May 2015. Because it was such a big project that required a lot of art, Joris van Lith joined the development team. In August 2016 the game was finally ready to go to Steam Greenlight. During the development of Rule Your School, both Joris van Lith and Floris Weers finished secondary school. Floris Weers is going to do Advanced Computer Science at the University.

Coding, modeling and publishing is self learned. When you have a lot of enthusiasm and motivation learning new things is easy.

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