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Rule Your School

Build your school. Hire your people.

What kind of school are you going to create? A school where people love to be, are very healthy and win every soccer game?

Or do your students hate going to school, feel like they are in prison and have to work day, and night in the gardens to make you money?

YOUR decisions, YOUR school.

Pellet Adventure

Dodge obstacles and jump your way to the finish!

Personalize your character accroding to your own wishes. Unlock more items after reaching the next level. Just use one finger to control this great game.
Are you able to gain many points by collecting all the treasures and finally arrive at the finish?
- Addictive gameplay with tons of challenges!
- Many customization options to fit your needs!
- Dozens of levels to play!
- Simple controls, but challenging!
- And completely free!
Go control your own pellet now!

Windows store         Android store

Line Runner

Avoid obstacles, get power-ups and become master in Line Runner!

A new fun challenging experience from WeersProductions. Simple controls, but a hard game.
Upgrade the power-ups and unlock more revives while playing and show them what you've got!
- A new challenging gameplay with easy controls
- Upgrade Power-ups and become even better!
- Endless gameplay that never becomes boring.
- And of course, completely free!
Can you get more than 150 points?

Windows store           Android store

Chain Calculator

Chain Calculator gives you the possibility to make endless calculations! Don’t waste your time calculating everything step-by-step anymore! This calculator can do the hardest calculations for you in an easy way. Whether you need to add, subtract, divide or multiply the Chain Calculator knows what to do!

Use the answers of earlier calculations quickly and efficiently in your next calculation. Of course these calculations includes the use of sine, cosine and tangent in both radian and degrees. Brackets give you the option to crack the toughest challenge.

Short summary:

- Endless calculations

- Add, subtract, divide or multiply in good order

- Use sine, cosine and tangent

In short, this is the ultimate calculator!

Windows store

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